Presentation & Styling

I have a really keen interest in styling so this part of a project is always enjoyable for me. As someone who is, somewhat of a magazine collector/obsessive/and hoarder, and therefore spends a worrying proportion of my time staring at an aesthetically pleasing page, I appreciate the importance of it. Its pretty much something I think about constantly.

For the non textile folk; the styling and presentation part is what comes right at the end of a project. After weeks of creating art, drawing, and fabric samples its what we do to bring everything together and communicate a project to, in my case, tutors who will be marking the work. In industry, these boards would communicate to a company why they should buy your entire collection and stock your range in every John Lewis in the country right?

Styling for me is a creative and playful process. I like to start by getting out all of my samples, photography, research images, colour palettes, yarn windings, prints and any drawing I feel may be appropriate to go onto a final board, and then just.. play. I normally spend a few days just moving things around, trying out hundreds of different formats and combinations and photographing it. For me, it’s the best way to make sure that I’m creating the most unique and interesting compositions possible. I will spent a lot of time deciding on the assortment of colours, the varying weights and tactility to my samples, the variation in scale and in design, layout and format. It has to make the work sing.

One thing that I always try and do is imagine that I’m coming at it from a completely different angle, as if I’ve never seen any of the work before. Final boards have to be able to communicate your own personal project without you being in the room to be able to explain every little detail; why you chose that particular shade of yarn or what inspired you to create it. It has to be instant and visual.

Below I’ve included a few images of some of my Final boards from my trends project:

Weaving with handmade yarn and twigs

Weaving with handmade yarn and twigs

Woven Pattern

Woven Pattern

Presentation Board

Presentation Board

Final presentation board

Final presentation board

Colour representation board

Colour representation board

Mini Sample Swatches

Mini Sample Swatches

Material Combinations

Material Combinations



Trend Book photography

Trend Book photography

Yarn winding patterms

Yarn winding patterns

For more information about my trends module and all images from my trends portfolio please visit my Portfolio section.


February Inspiration

Life has been a bit crazy recently working on my current project, trying to set up work experience placements, working on some exciting side projects with Mix trends magazine and travelling to Paris for Premiere Vision- so apologies for the lack of blog posting but lots of exciting stuff coming up!

For the February Inspiration Feature, I have been obsessing over Tropical Interiors; super dark greens, teal blues and accents of bright pink and purple, florals, palm leaves, terrariums and cacti, velvet textures and ‘inside-out’ spaces. I hope you enjoy the collection of images. To see more please go to my Pinterest board:

tropical dining2

tropical experiements

tropic bedroom 2

Anna + Nina Concept Store Styling

tropic terranium

Designers Guild tropic fabric

Beautiful Designers Guild fabric

tropic bedroom

rich blue

inside out spaces

(Just a note to say: none of the images above are my own. All these images have been sourced via Pinterest so I do not take credit for any of the styling, design or photography and I try my best to name the designer or photographer wherever possible)

January Inspiration

Firstly, Happy New Year to all! Now the Christmas break is over, blog posting and work will be back up and running again! Today, we have our January Inspiration Feature to start off the new year:

Contemporary Gems and Jewels:

Ive always been obsessed with accessories and since starting a design degree I’ve been really interested in the prospect of Textile jewellery design and bringing this more into my work. On Pinterest this month, I’ve been searching for contemporary jewellery inspiration and obsessing over the results I’ve found. The scope of different designs out there is amazing. I hope you find these images just as inspirational as I have and hopefully more jewellery and accessories design will begin to find its way into my own work. I will pretty much just let the images speak for themselves as they are truly beautiful!

Just a note to say: none of the designs below are my own work and I do not take credit for any of them. All these images have been found on Pinterest and I have referenced the original source of the image and its designer whenever possible.

To see the January Inspiration board including all these images and many more, please use link:


photo 4

The images in the top left and bottom left are by embroidery designer and jewellery maker Lorena Marañón. She sells her jewellery along with home wares and embroidery art at her Etsy shop:

The bangles shown in the top right are by Angela O’Kelly who creates contemporary paper jewellery crossing over between textiles and sculpture. For more information about her, her work and stockists go to:

Finally the bottom right image is designed by one of the last working trimming weavers in England, Jessica Light. She specialises in innovative passementerie also incorporating traditional crafts to create trims and tassels that are used in both interiors and high end fashion. She sells her work, including her jewellery designs at her online shop :


 photo 5

These amazing wooden geometric pieces are by Etsy shop Raw Objekt. Along with home products who can purchase jewellery designs like these from their Etsy store:


photo 3

An amazing giant printed crystal Tatty Devine necklace takes pride of place in the top left. This necklace is from their A/W 13 collection so in no longer available to purchase but you can explore their past collections on their Pinterest page: and buy jewellery from their current collections at:

Top right and Bottom Left show cute crystal necklaces by Kiss The Future sold on: There are loads to choose from!

Finally the bottom right image shows beautiful marbled crystals- just one of many cool necklaces sold on quirky jewellery site ‘Kei Jewelry’:


photo 2

These insane contemporary pieces are by one of my favourite designers Elke Kramer. As a jewellery and accessories designer along with being a creative director Elke Kramer is a talented artist in all fields. Her work is really creative and innovative and you can purchase her pieces on her beautifully designed website. Please also take note of the amazing styled photographs and mood boards she is a true all rounder. Please see:



Another one of my favourite designers is Martha Porter of Buried Diamond. Her designs are all hand made, super fun, colourful and quirky- I am obsessed! She is really active on all social media so its really fun to see what she’s working on. She also has her own website: and Blog on Tumblr as well as her Etsy store where she sells her designs:


photo 1

The image in the top Left was found on Pinterest and is by designer Kim Friederich. Unfortunatley I couldn’t find a website for the designer but if you search her name on Pinterest you get lots of results. It is a crazy beautiful design.

Top Right shows a Ettore Sottsass ring shown on Patternity Blog. If your interested in design and unfamiliar with Patternity please go and look at it right now- it is a bible for creative design and is an amazing source of really inspirational images:

Bottom Left shows a wire creation by Mei Lee.

Finally the Image in the bottom right is by Fine artist and jewellery maker Noon Passama. Most of Noon’s work is gallery based or used in high fashion. See more of these interesting pieces and other works at:

If you are interested in any of these designs please go and check them out! I’m really passionate about supporting independent designers especially the small ones so please support them to!




Crystal | Quartz | Shard | Gem Stone | Marble | Mineral

The essence of my new brief is really coming alive. Now that my project is starting to develop a little further, I have used those initial inspiration points (shown in my previous blog post!) to hone in on some more focused, in-depth research. The theme that continued to fascinate me was the idea of curious and bizarre formations and colours in nature such as crystals, clouds, bubbles and light refraction. I started looking at different types of quartz, geodes and gems and discovered hundreds of different colours and forms. I love the unusual and forever changing shapes of each individual, along side the more structured geometric facets and angles of the shards . I love the colours and the varying surface qualities from smooth and shiny agate to glittering jagged crystallisation. I also love the translucency; the cloudiness that’s concealed almost appears to swirl like marble.

Today I began sourcing interesting objects to begin to photograph and draw from such as an amethyst crystal, rose quartz and some cut style crystals. I also had a fun afternoon using a really colourful bath bomb and watching how the colours swirled and created marble like shapes.


All the photography has been taken and edited by me. Please enquire if you would like to know any more information or use any of my images. and thank you to LUSH for the bath bomb!














December Inspiration + a brand new brief

Welcome to a new feature on the blog: Inspiration of the month!

I quite often find myself creating Pinterest boards on a monthly basis depending on what I’m being inspired by at that particular moment in time. Often its really interesting to see how a board of initially random images of things that I like but don’t quite know why, begin to shape into a collective with a cohesive theme and colour palette. Because this is something I really enjoy doing and something that I just do anyway, I thought I’d share it with you so you can see for yourselves what I’m being inspired by each month. This isn’t necessarily always going to be connected to what I’m working on at uni and equally it isn’t exclusively separate. When I create these boards it’s mostly just because I want to or when I see a certain image that I’m really in love with, that starts it all off. So, each month I’ll be creating a new Pinterest board for you all to see and explaining on the blog what I’m feeling inspired by and why.

Today I also got my new brief to start working to for my Design, Production and Application module at uni. I’ve had an inspiration board running for a while on Pinterest, which is what I am sharing with you today to be the first Inspiration of the month for December. However I have been obsessing over this board for ages and absolutely dying to use it as a starting point within my work, well… now I finally have the chance! In my new project I will be creating my own brief to work to and I really want to use these images as my main research.

The inspiration is quite a quirky mix of holographic, iridescent and highly metallic surfaces. The sources of inspiration range very broadly from high-end couture fashion to popular culture focusing heavily of the independent pop culture magazine Dazed. This board also features unexpected occurring colours and surfaces in nature such as bubbles, clouds and sky that really help to draw together the colour palette along with geometric crystal formations frequently occurring. With a Dash of 80’s print inspiration, product design from the Memphis group and surfaces such as marble harking back to that period there is a definite all around theme of heavy surface qualities, embellishment, precious stones and gems juxtaposed with super sheer transparents and soft pastel tones . The board is completed with very stylised and unique photography and quite a light hearted look at all things that sparkle.

As part of this project we have also been asked to select a company or client to imagine we are targeting our designs too. I have chosen to target the high-end fashion label Delpozo who specialise in detailed fashion embroidery with heavy emphasis on beading and embellishment. I know it’s a very aspirational brand to target but its one of my favourite high fashion labels and it would be a dream to truly design for. There are other, more commercial labels I’m really passionate about too where I feel the kind of designs you see at Delpozo would filter down into these more commercial high street brands so I feel this project could relate on a number of levels. I hope you enjoy the imagery and to see the complete Inspiration board please use this link : and follow me on Pinterest for more!

(just a not to say: None of the following images are my own designs or photography and I do not take credit for any of them. These are simply images sourced on Pinterest as starting research and I have named the artist, designer, photographer or named the original source at every possible point)

photo 2

All designs and photography by Delpozo

photo 2

Crystal Shards and Marble image via Pinterest Ceramic Piece by Jeff Zimmerman Opals Via

photo 1

Main Image via Top Right- Look by Issey Miyake. Photographed by Estelle Hanania Bottom Right- Pringle of Scotland SS15 backstage image from Dazed Magazine Bottom Left- Christopher Raeburn SS15 backstage image from Dazed magazine

photo 3

Top Left- Via Bottom Left- Via Top Right- Via Bottom Right- Uploaded by Pinner: Sophie Lemm

photo 4

Top Left- ‘sea sage’ Via Bottom Left- Via Top Right- Via Bottom Right- Via

photo 5

Top Left- The Six n Five Studio Bottom Left- Via Top Right- Uploaded by Pinner : Hannah Elizabeth Bottom Right-‘Rose, Celestite, Quartz’ By Lara Meyerratken

photo 1

Top Left- Uploaded by Pinner: Milkshake Sundae Bottom Left- Sequin Wall via Optical Fixation Top Right- Holographic outfit AW14 Ferragamo Bottom Right- Photograph Via


Detail 11

Detail 5

Sampling is really what it’s all about. As a textile designer this is what I do. This is such an exciting stage in a project because you can finally take all of your research, inspiration, photography, drawing and material sourcing and turn it into something real. Sampling can also be one of the most challenging, time consuming and at times frustrating parts of a project but it is always worth it in the end and quite often the difficulty comes at the very initial stages, then you find your feet and your away, and then you really can’t stop.

Detail 1

I’ve chosen to show you this piece, as it’s my favourite sample from a module I did called ‘Colour’. I just love the spontaneity of this piece, in aesthetic and in the process I had creating it. I really don’t plan any sampling that I do more than a quick sketch or a few scribbled notes on a random piece of paper. I never decide exactly what colours I’m going to use or in what combination, or what fabrics I’m going to use or even how the composition of a design will turn out; even if I have an Idea in my head it always turns out differently and (most of the time) better that how I imagined. I really enjoy the process of creating a sample freely. I love to have everything out in front of me; my sewing machine, a huge range of threads and yarns, a stack of fabrics and ribbon, my iron and a heap of bond-a-web at the ready, paints, pens, buttons, objects, sequins, papers and basically anything else I find beautiful or interesting, and then.. I just create. It’s difficult to put this into words for you as It really does happen differently every time and I have such a deep-rooted passion for creativity and a connection with my sampling, it becomes quite a personal process.


When I’m sampling and I have all my equipment out in front of me, I don’t necessarily always use everything in one sample, sometimes it can just be one process such as hand stitching into a fabric. Other times it can be a combination of processes such as painting onto a base fabric, then adding shapes or blocks of colour by bonding down materials, then machine stitching stripes on top, for example. However in this piece, I really did use almost every process, which is why I thought it was a great example to explain how I sample. I’m definitely a ‘more is more’ kind of person.

I’m also proud of this piece as in this particular project, sampling was definitely more of a struggle. It really depends on the brief your working to and what your being inspired by but sometimes you just feel motivated to work in different ways. Although I specialise in embroidery, I love all areas of textiles and a lot of areas of art and design in fact, so in this project I just felt really inspired to draw and create prints. I don’t see this as a bad thing as I feel it showcases my versatility and certainly when I leave uni I would love to work in all areas rather than one specific area. I’m really glad I created some prints in the project as I feel they sit really nicely alongside textural pieces such as this one.

For more information on my Colour brief and all Portfolio Images from this module please visit my Portfolio section.


photo 5


full shot

Detail 6

Exciting News

Exciting news to share on the blog today; I recently completed my ‘Trends’ module (more to come on this next week!) and a picture of one of my pieces has been featured on the front page of this years A/W textile design newsletter. Super pleased and very grateful to my tutors!


blog post 6

Here is a sneak peak of my trends module to come next week!