January Inspiration

Firstly, Happy New Year to all! Now the Christmas break is over, blog posting and work will be back up and running again! Today, we have our January Inspiration Feature to start off the new year:

Contemporary Gems and Jewels:

Ive always been obsessed with accessories and since starting a design degree I’ve been really interested in the prospect of Textile jewellery design and bringing this more into my work. On Pinterest this month, I’ve been searching for contemporary jewellery inspiration and obsessing over the results I’ve found. The scope of different designs out there is amazing. I hope you find these images just as inspirational as I have and hopefully more jewellery and accessories design will begin to find its way into my own work. I will pretty much just let the images speak for themselves as they are truly beautiful!

Just a note to say: none of the designs below are my own work and I do not take credit for any of them. All these images have been found on Pinterest and I have referenced the original source of the image and its designer whenever possible.

To see the January Inspiration board including all these images and many more, please use link: http://www.pinterest.com/ThisIsHowIsee/january-inspiration/


photo 4

The images in the top left and bottom left are by embroidery designer and jewellery maker Lorena Marañón. She sells her jewellery along with home wares and embroidery art at her Etsy shop: www.etsy.com/uk/shop/LorenaMaranon

The bangles shown in the top right are by Angela O’Kelly who creates contemporary paper jewellery crossing over between textiles and sculpture. For more information about her, her work and stockists go to:  www.angelaokelly.com/index.html

Finally the bottom right image is designed by one of the last working trimming weavers in England, Jessica Light. She specialises in innovative passementerie also incorporating traditional crafts to create trims and tassels that are used in both interiors and high end fashion. She sells her work, including her jewellery designs at her online shop : www.jessicalightshop.com


 photo 5

These amazing wooden geometric pieces are by Etsy shop Raw Objekt. Along with home products who can purchase jewellery designs like these from their Etsy store: www.etsy.com/uk/shop/RawObjekt


photo 3

An amazing giant printed crystal Tatty Devine necklace takes pride of place in the top left. This necklace is from their A/W 13 collection so in no longer available to purchase but you can explore their past collections on their Pinterest page: www.pinterest.com/tattydevine/ and buy jewellery from their current collections at: www.tattydevine.com

Top right and Bottom Left show cute crystal necklaces by Kiss The Future sold on: www.etsy.com/uk/shop/kissthefuture There are loads to choose from!

Finally the bottom right image shows beautiful marbled crystals- just one of many cool necklaces sold on quirky jewellery site ‘Kei Jewelry’: www.keijewelry.com


photo 2

These insane contemporary pieces are by one of my favourite designers Elke Kramer. As a jewellery and accessories designer along with being a creative director Elke Kramer is a talented artist in all fields. Her work is really creative and innovative and you can purchase her pieces on her beautifully designed website. Please also take note of the amazing styled photographs and mood boards she is a true all rounder. Please see: http://www.elkekramer.com/collections/new-1



Another one of my favourite designers is Martha Porter of Buried Diamond. Her designs are all hand made, super fun, colourful and quirky- I am obsessed! She is really active on all social media so its really fun to see what she’s working on. She also has her own website: www.burieddiamond.com and Blog on Tumblr as well as her Etsy store where she sells her designs: www.etsy.com/shop/BuriedDiamond


photo 1

The image in the top Left was found on Pinterest and is by designer Kim Friederich. Unfortunatley I couldn’t find a website for the designer but if you search her name on Pinterest you get lots of results. It is a crazy beautiful design.

Top Right shows a Ettore Sottsass ring shown on Patternity Blog. If your interested in design and unfamiliar with Patternity please go and look at it right now- it is a bible for creative design and is an amazing source of really inspirational images: http://www.patternity.org

Bottom Left shows a wire creation by Mei Lee.

Finally the Image in the bottom right is by Fine artist and jewellery maker Noon Passama. Most of Noon’s work is gallery based or used in high fashion. See more of these interesting pieces and other works at: www.noonpassama.com

If you are interested in any of these designs please go and check them out! I’m really passionate about supporting independent designers especially the small ones so please support them to!


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