December Inspiration + a brand new brief

Welcome to a new feature on the blog: Inspiration of the month!

I quite often find myself creating Pinterest boards on a monthly basis depending on what I’m being inspired by at that particular moment in time. Often its really interesting to see how a board of initially random images of things that I like but don’t quite know why, begin to shape into a collective with a cohesive theme and colour palette. Because this is something I really enjoy doing and something that I just do anyway, I thought I’d share it with you so you can see for yourselves what I’m being inspired by each month. This isn’t necessarily always going to be connected to what I’m working on at uni and equally it isn’t exclusively separate. When I create these boards it’s mostly just because I want to or when I see a certain image that I’m really in love with, that starts it all off. So, each month I’ll be creating a new Pinterest board for you all to see and explaining on the blog what I’m feeling inspired by and why.

Today I also got my new brief to start working to for my Design, Production and Application module at uni. I’ve had an inspiration board running for a while on Pinterest, which is what I am sharing with you today to be the first Inspiration of the month for December. However I have been obsessing over this board for ages and absolutely dying to use it as a starting point within my work, well… now I finally have the chance! In my new project I will be creating my own brief to work to and I really want to use these images as my main research.

The inspiration is quite a quirky mix of holographic, iridescent and highly metallic surfaces. The sources of inspiration range very broadly from high-end couture fashion to popular culture focusing heavily of the independent pop culture magazine Dazed. This board also features unexpected occurring colours and surfaces in nature such as bubbles, clouds and sky that really help to draw together the colour palette along with geometric crystal formations frequently occurring. With a Dash of 80’s print inspiration, product design from the Memphis group and surfaces such as marble harking back to that period there is a definite all around theme of heavy surface qualities, embellishment, precious stones and gems juxtaposed with super sheer transparents and soft pastel tones . The board is completed with very stylised and unique photography and quite a light hearted look at all things that sparkle.

As part of this project we have also been asked to select a company or client to imagine we are targeting our designs too. I have chosen to target the high-end fashion label Delpozo who specialise in detailed fashion embroidery with heavy emphasis on beading and embellishment. I know it’s a very aspirational brand to target but its one of my favourite high fashion labels and it would be a dream to truly design for. There are other, more commercial labels I’m really passionate about too where I feel the kind of designs you see at Delpozo would filter down into these more commercial high street brands so I feel this project could relate on a number of levels. I hope you enjoy the imagery and to see the complete Inspiration board please use this link : and follow me on Pinterest for more!

(just a not to say: None of the following images are my own designs or photography and I do not take credit for any of them. These are simply images sourced on Pinterest as starting research and I have named the artist, designer, photographer or named the original source at every possible point)

photo 2

All designs and photography by Delpozo

photo 2

Crystal Shards and Marble image via Pinterest Ceramic Piece by Jeff Zimmerman Opals Via

photo 1

Main Image via Top Right- Look by Issey Miyake. Photographed by Estelle Hanania Bottom Right- Pringle of Scotland SS15 backstage image from Dazed Magazine Bottom Left- Christopher Raeburn SS15 backstage image from Dazed magazine

photo 3

Top Left- Via Bottom Left- Via Top Right- Via Bottom Right- Uploaded by Pinner: Sophie Lemm

photo 4

Top Left- ‘sea sage’ Via Bottom Left- Via Top Right- Via Bottom Right- Via

photo 5

Top Left- The Six n Five Studio Bottom Left- Via Top Right- Uploaded by Pinner : Hannah Elizabeth Bottom Right-‘Rose, Celestite, Quartz’ By Lara Meyerratken

photo 1

Top Left- Uploaded by Pinner: Milkshake Sundae Bottom Left- Sequin Wall via Optical Fixation Top Right- Holographic outfit AW14 Ferragamo Bottom Right- Photograph Via


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