Drawing is the most important part of the design journey. This is where you take forward the research and inspiration you’ve gathered and turn it into design. It is also what will generate and influence all of your sampling to come so really is connects all aspects of the design process. I wouldn’t say I have a particular style when it comes to drawing, I really like to try something different every time, and respond differently to every brief I’m presented with.

The images above and below are examples of drawing pages taken from my sketchbook from a module called ‘Colour’ i did in first year. In this project I worked to a client based brief creating a coordinating interior collection for the clients home. As the name will suggest we also did a lot of colour exploration, learning how to colour mix, create colour palettes and dye fabrics to a specific shade.

My client really liked antiques and vintage items so I took a lot of inspiration for the wide range of interesting objects I sourced such as vintage perfume bottles, jewellery, ornate picture frames and even an old sewing kit. I took on quite an illustrative style for this project producing highly detailed, intricate, quite whimsical drawings.

To view all work from ‘Colour’, please go to my Portfolio section!

ps 20






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